My Lotus 09/05/03

Ever since a young age I always wanted an Lotus Esprit. Many of my friends dreamed of Ferrari's but the Esprit was the one for me. Actually to be honest I preferred the Countach but always said I would have an Esprit while the Lambo was on order. Eventually after several years of saving (back in 99) I was in a position to spend a reasonable amount. This was intended as a deposit on a bigger house but could not find anything I liked. So in a course of comfort spending I decided to extend and improve my current abode and buy a Lotus Esprit :o). It took approx. 4 months of searching and weekends of travel until I found an almost A1 89 Turbo at a reasonable price with dealer backup. If I knew then what I know know I could have got a better car for less. Now I have her I've gone off the Lambo and see no reason to change.
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The first year was very problematic (See Gripe for more details) but eventually things got better as all the faults were ironed out and I did have many happy hours or motoring. However I did need to concentrate on the house and so the time spent with my Loti greatly reduced. I still had a new Sound system installed by World of Ice in Colchester who done a good job (earthing problems of fiberglass car). I'm sad to say that the overall condition of the car especially the paint work greatly decreased during this time.

Due to guilt and overall pride I have now decided to split my time and bring Loti up to condition and spec she deserves. Call it a project if you like the details of which can be found here.

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