In Car Entertainment 27/04/03

The original Esprit Sound system was not that inspiring by todays standards. The previous owner had fitted a Sony cassette head unit and infinity 4in speakers in the dash with 6in behind the seats. All of which showing its age and needed upgrading.

After speaking to World Of ICE in Colchester I decided to go for a Kenwood 7880 CD Head Unit driving (cannot for the life of me remember what they are called) 4in combined speakers in the dash with and AMP driving what was then the only 6in sub on the market (Kenwood Tornado). Due to the almost ideal position of the front 'stage' speakers with the rake of the windscreen this gives a much fuller cleaner sound to the level more fitting a modern system.

Front 4in Combined providing an relatively accurate and pleasing mid and upper sound stage. Note I still used the old grills as the new type were two tall to allow adequate fixing (That screen). Still only three screws could be fitted!
Amp Fitted under the bonnet next to the spare wheel to drive the rear Subs. Crossover set to match front pair with fine tuning done with the Head unit. Not a stunning Amp but to be honest given the environment I could not tell the difference between it and its 'superior brothers' that were two to three times the price. 'Just because we own a Lotus does not mean we are made of money.'
Kenwood 6in Tornado Sub (Yes a 6in sub!!). Due to the lack speaker placements available we found these closed subs worked surprisingly well. Can also give you that warm sub base or kick you in the back depending on the settings and track being played.