Lotus Project 07/04/04

As I feel I have neglected my car I have now decided to spend more time and try to get her back to first class condition. Their are several areas that need addressing

Paint and Body Work
- Unfortunately the Red paint has suffered and is now in need of a re-spray. I decided to take this opportunity to also remove , clean and refit the glass as well as make some cosmetic modification. These include a dual stainless sports exhaust which requires an extra hole in the rear valance and an update to the round style rear lights of the current Esprit.
Examples of bad paint work.
Colour ideas.
Rear valance removal.
Rear valance modification (3).
Glass removal.
Headlight removal and de badge.
Boot drainage repair and mod.
Rear light removal.
Rear light mod (Upgrade to 2002MY).
Rear bumper removal.
Side indicator mod.
Door to glass removal.
Door latch refurb.
Door surround repair.
Wheels and tyre upgrade.
Headlight Bounce Repair.

- Still good as I have been keeping up the services despite my low annual mileage. I now intend on cleaning it up, painting and upgrading with some performance mods including a High Flow Air filter with Ram Air, Inter/Chargecooler, Dump Valve and a stainless steal twin high flow exhaust. I must admit that the exhaust is more for cosmetics but will improve performance and sound.
Cam Cover Referb.
Front Suspension Clean up.
Rear Suspension Clean up.
Exhaust Replacement.
Exhaust Fitting.
Add a Chargecooler.
Upgrade Air Filter (Green Cotton).

- Surprising good for a car of her age but again I intend to bring it up to more current spec.