Door to Glass Seal Removal 31/05/03

I was of the understanding that these metal/Rubber seals were purely bonded on. However While attempting to get them of before a re-spray I discovered they are actually held on by several very small nuts and bolts. Due to the size and angle of the nuts you can only use a 1/4 drive with a universal joint. You cannot use a 1/2 to 1/4 reducer and a 1/2 universal as the glass gets in the way. You need to remove the door panel first by undoing the screws inside the inner door release and those on the back and front edge of the panel.

Using a 5.5mm bit. The threads were all about 20mm long so I had to first put the bit on the nut and only rest the joint in the end until it was undone enough to fully clip it in. This one was easy to get to (hence the photo). After all the nuts were removed the seal could be released with a little persuasion.
The removed nuts and tools used.
The removed items. You can clearly see the bolt threads.
I drilled the pop rivits. This then allows the three parts to be seperated. These were then cleaned, Flatted and then Primed.
Close up of the metal edge that can be seen externally.