Bad Paint and Body Work 27/04/03

Here are some examples of the condition of the paint work on my Esprit. Its a known fact that Red fades to a pink with sunlight but it actually appears to be the lacquer thats suffered more. In places its very white and coming away from the case coat. Its hard to believe that all this has happened over the last couple of years. I only really have myself to blame for leaving it outside without a cover but what can you do if she doesnt fit in the garage (Which has been used to store building materials). I've also been spending the my spare time over that period working on the house so she has been a little neglected. Still It's nothing that cannot be fixed.

Due to the amount of work and cost of recovering paint of this condition I did not want to go for a 'stock' colour. However this leaves another problem of what colour to go for. See here for my current ideas.

Rear Drivers Quarter has suffered the more as its gets the sun most of the day.
The Bonnet has also suffered. I suspect this is due to tiny stone chips which has allowed water to enter and separate the lacquer.
Also have a problem with the glass finisher coming away. This is also allowing a slight greening along the bottom edge. I'm told that the only way to resolve this is to remove the glass and re-fit.

Also notice the fading'