Fitting S4/GT3 Wheels (1) 26/10/03

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In order to update the general look of the car, give a wider choice of tyres, reduce understeer and allow for future brake upgrades I decided to replace my wheels with those from an S4/GT3. This increases the fronts from 15/205 to 17/215 and the rears 16/245 to 17 245. Although the stud offset and overall diameter is the same for some reason post 92 cars have a slightly smaller hub center on the front wheels. As a result you can either machine out the front wheels, Take off and machine down the front hubs or replace them with a newer set. For cost and ease I chose to machine out the wheels by the necessary 2mm.

Secondhand S4 wheels purchased from LEW with accident dammage and tyres.
The wheels had several scratches with one side pair having signs of 'curbing'. It also turned out that all tyres needed replacing.
Brake dust etc was cleaned off prior to machining. The centers are currently 58.125 mm.
I had the wheels machined out by Wickham Rail Engineering Ltd to 60.125mm at 40 per wheel.
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