Cam cover refurb 27/04/03

I'd always been unimpressed with the flaky paint on my cam covers and as I had hit a snag with the rear valance removal it seemed like a good time to do something about it.

Cam Covers removed from the car. They were first degreased, washed, dried and then cleaned with a brass brush in the drill. One has already been done with the other awaiting the brass treatment.
After they were cleaned and dried again I gave them six coats of red high temperature spray paint. The removed bolts and throttle cable holder were also cleaned and sprayed with satin black. I dont know if these will stand up to the heat of a worked engine once installed but I'm sure time will tell.
I then gave them approx. 30 minutes to cure in the sun and then very carefully rubbed down the raised areas with a rubber block and 400 Wet and Dry paper. They were then cleaned and left for a good hour before refitting.
Re fitted and looking as good as new.