Paint Repair 02/08/05

While reversing out of Jono's Drive after an Esprit BBQ I clipped the left side rear wheel arch on a dwarf wall. It did pee me off slightly but all the same needed to be delt with. The first indication was that I would need to have the the whole panel repaired and resprayed. I still had the some base and flip left so this didnt seem to bad. However after trying to blow out several cards to get match and even spraying the wing 7 times we had to admit defeat. Due to the type of paint it is not possible to blow and fade in so the whole side would need to be done. After further consultation it was also decided that this was not possible as you would also need to do the nose , light pods bonnet and right side front wing. As a result the driver door and rear wing would need to follow.

End result was a complete respray which although was not really needed did give the opertunity to lose the stone chips along the front valance with the odd one on the front wings and repair a few other smaller scrathces and Digs. Once we started going around the car with a fine tooth comb it was very surprising the ammount of marks and fine cracks that could be found. During this process it also became apparaent why the colour could not be matched. Surprisingly it was due to the Flip itself slightly fading and changing colour from Sun exposure causing the green to be less vivid and the gold turning more red/copper. I hadnt noticed over time but can be seen from the areas of paint work that were undercover. As the flip is clear it cannot be tinted so was a lost cause.