Paint Shop 18/05/03

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The paint shop have been kind enough to allow me access to the car at various intervals to get pictures of the progress. These will be placed here and may be of interest to someone.

Just droped her off. To drive round their I conneted the old rear lights, put a cloth on the bumper and taped them on with a couple of strips of masking tape. Looked odd but was functional. I did not bother refitting the valance as it had to come off anyway.
A week later and the old paint was going. The windscreen had also been removed at this point. This also gave me another problem as the front of the headlining had perished and so needed replacing.
Closer view of then front. We could not remove the front bumper so it had to stay on.
Rear quarter, You can just see where some small cracks were Ve'd out and new resin applied.
Note the boot is not bent I just didnt close it properly.
More gell coat crack on the boot.
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