Side Indicator Mod (1) 09/05/03

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Dare I say it but I never liked the big bulky side indicators. They looked so much like a necessary eye sore and not part of the car. After looking around at various types and styles from other cars I decided that the ones from the new shape Astra would fit and give better styling.
The side indicators, helped that an Astra is my every day car so I could see how they fitted and the depth required.
After removing the old lights I tested the depth and angle with a screwdriver to be sure the new one would fit. I then made a paper template from the hole in the Astra wing and found the it fitted between the old screw holes on the near side but the off side needed some filling at the back. Firstly I cut a slot along the existing holes so the cables could be moved out the way.
Next the hole to allow the main body of the indicator to fit was cut.
As the new indicator was held in place by a notch and clip to the body work it was necessary to 'thin down' the ends so they were only a couple of milimeters think. As can be seen this was done with a cone grinder inserted at a shallow angle. Care was taken not to elongate the hole.
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