Headlight removal and de-badge 27/04/03

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As part of the Paint shop prep I needed to removed all the badges and the gold stripe that has been done simply with a sharp knife and a scouring sponge to remove the adhesive. The Nose badge was the easiest as it fixed with two rubber coated nuts and no bonding.
Removing the head lights proved to be difficult mainly due to corrosion of the screws which hold the ABS cover plates.

All decals removed. Note although SE badges were fitted the car is not an SE.
To give me easier access to the headlamps I took off the rising bar from the motor which then allowed the headlamp pod to move freely. This also gave easy access to the pod pivot bolts so they could be later removed for painting.
With the pods released I could still not remove the bottom screw on the ABS cover plates. Again it was down to the trusty Drill and dremel.
With the ABS covers removed I'm afraid things did not get any better. The edge of the lights again had signs of corrosion which made it difficult to turn the plastic holding clips. Eventually with careful use of a screw driver and long nose pliers all lamps were removed.
The offending rust on the lamps. Brass brush and hamerite treatment before fitting me thinks..
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