Headlight Bounce Repair 07/04/04

One of the common faults is headlight bounce. Its usually caused by ware of the lifting arm ends and the securing bolts allowing a degree of movement even after the lifter motor has hit the top stop. This can be annoying to yourself and the car in front but fixing is easy and should only take around 15 minutes.

Here is a new lifting arm. I actually got an Elan part as it was in stock but believed I would have to use my old bar and just replace the ends.
The lifting arm is connected to the lifting motor just in the bonnet behind the light pods and is secured with a 10mm nut. Simply undo this nut and the arm should slide off.
With the arm off you can now push it forward to raise the light pod and get to the securing bolt. Again use a 10mm spanner.
With the old arm removed you can see the 'play'. The thread on the bolt had also worn away where the arm connected again adding to the movement. I replace with some new M6 bolts. I did find that the Esprit bar was only 5mm longer than the one provided which still had plenty of thread to allow me to extent the ends out to match.
To further remove unwanted movement I put a small amount of PTFE tape around the thread with plenty of new grease. Refitting is the same in reverse. If you do find the light pods are either to high or low when closed you can change this by losening the locking nut on the lifthing arm and moving the end in effect changing the length of it.
Once the new arm is fitted switch on the lights give the pods a wiggle to verify all movement has gone.