Fitting a Momo wheel 9/07/04

Earlier in the year I purchased a new Momo wheel as the original looked less sporty with the large rubber center and was rather worn and faded in places. A point to know here is that the origonal wheel has a large dish to accomodate the pad and has the alan nuts 30 Deg off from a standrd momo fitting. Aa a result you need to get a new deeper Boss with the correct fixing. I ordered a suitable boss from for 30. I actually did this job back in April but have only just got round to documenting it.

I didnt actually take any pics but fitting is very simple.
Remove the padding from the old wheel and undo the central nut (22mm if memory serves).
Waggle the wheel off but care must be taken as it will have two small collets behind the Boss that prevent it from pushing on too far.
Fit new wheel to new Boss.
Place collets back on base of spline and gently push on the new wheel remembering to line up the wheel.
I found that a standard nose badge (which I had spare) would just cover the center of the Boss. The problem was fitting it. As luck would have it a lid of a deodorant can was also a snug fit and allowed the opportunity to bolt the badge to it and push it home.
At first I wasnt sure as the badge looked to large but have to admit it had grown on me after a few days and better than the standard Momo center.