Seat Refurb (1) 09/09/03

While I was doing everything else it also seemed like a good idea to freshen up the leather work. For this I decided to use the Gliptone product Liquid Leather. This is a cleaning, treatment and re-colour kit. To make the process easier and give better results I decided to removed the seats, Door panels, center console and 'A' posts.

Removing the seats is actually not that difficult. They are held in place by four bolts which can be access from the bottom of the car. The problem is being able to get the leaverage with a 13mm spanner to get them started. Luckily in my case I did this while the car was in the shop being prept for spraying.
With the seat removed you can see the colour. The image is a bit misleading as they were not that 'grey'.
The back carpet section and the back adjustment dial were removed. The back is held on by 6 screws and tied with elastic at the bottom. The dial just has a nut behind a center cover.
After cleaning I sprayed approx 8 coats of the color with a 50/50 mix. They kit does come with a hobby spray gun but is not as good as the real thing. You need to ensure that each coat is dry before you apply the next so I advise you do this in a warm dry enviroment.
Seats and center console done.