Headlining (1) 09/09/03

I will get round to adding info on the headlining removal. As a note to remove the rear panel around the rear window you need to un bolt the seat belts which actually involves removing the seats.
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The front was badly damaged from the windscreen removal. It was also faded, dirty and very brittle.
You can see that its just fibreglass panels with the cloth simply folded and glued on the back. It is not glued around the sunroof opening as the is pulled up and fixed to the body under the roof seal to hide the join.
My first ideas were to cover the parts with wadding and green material. This turned out to be a bad plan as the wadding would not fix and the green material was not flexible enough to stretch around the tight corners. It could be done if made in parts and stitched together but thatís just beyond me.
The green idea was scraped so I cleaned it off, orders some standard headlining and decided to stick with the original look.
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