Glass Removal 10/06/03

In order to rectify the the 1/4 window surrounds and allow access for painting it was decided to have these and the boot glass removed. Steve from Clear View (01255 830831) came recommended as he had done several Esprit's before. I also had a stone chip on the windscreen which he will remove once I've taken her to the spray shop. A new screen and the removed glass will then be bonded after the paint job has been finished.

Clear View done a good job at removing the glass without breakage (27/04/03).
The whole process only took 30 ish minutes.
In case you are wondering yes that is the spare wheel fitted. I seem to have driven over a large screw on my last outing.
Two months later its now time to refit the glass. During this time I removed the pealing black band (I now know is called primer bond) and re masked ready for Steve to repaint and fit.
The edge band should be 25mm according to the owners manual. I found the easiest way to mask this was to first standard 25mm masking tape around the edge but not over the rounded corners. I then simply put another strip inside but this time continued straight off the glass. The outer strip was then removed and I 'free hand' drew a curve between the overlay points and cut with a new stan blade. Another strip was then put inside this.