Exhaust Fitting (2) 14/06/03

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Fitting was the reverse of removal. All parts were fitted before final tightening.

The new Turbo down pipe. The colar connector at the turbo end had to be drilled and filed out to get it to fit.
The bracket holding the silencer are still slightly lose to enable me to do some final tweaking once the bumper and valance have been installed.
Now for the testing. Not actually as loud as I feared but certainly got a more throaty sound to it. You even get the crackling on throttle off. Can't wait to drive it down the road ;o).
Fully installed with rear valance. Still needs tweaking as the off side is slightly lower. I think the only way to solve this is to cut down the bracket and weld it shorter.
New: Take a look at the images section for an external view and the Media Gallery for a sound clips.
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