Exhaust Fitting 31/05/03

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It was my intention to fit the new exhaust after the car had been sprayed. However I had the chance to work on the car while it was on the jack at the body shop and do decided to do it first. Colin at the spray shop assured me that this would not cause any problems when spraying. Before this could be done the old exhaust had to come off.

Firstly the three bolts that turbo down pipe and the rear silencer were undone. A 17mm spanner was needed for this.
Tip: To get the extra leverage use two spanners. Put the closed end on the nut and join the two together by putting the closed end of the second around the open end of the first.
The two bolts holding the silencer to the rubber mounted brackets then neeed to be undone, 17mm again.
Three nuts at the turbo were then removed. I used plenty of WD40 here as I did not want the threads in the tubo to come out or snap.
Looking inside the Turbo. Looks a little black but I suspect this is down to the small journeys and moving around the spray shop with full choke over the past two months.
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