Exhaust 18/05/03

The rear silencer had begun to go and gave signs of baffel ware when starting (rattle). With everthing else I was doing I decided to go for a new full dual stainless option. After phoning around I found that several surpliers would custom make a system to my car. The probelm with this was that I was not in a position to take the car to them nor did I want it to be done after the re-spray. I then found quicksilver how as luck would have it, just released a dual sports system for a turbo,carb Esprit fro mail order. Obviously the rear valance needed to be modified for the second port and details on how this was done can be found here.

At last, two weeks after suggested the new system arrived.
I have only pictured the 'buisness end' here. First impressions were not as expected with only the pipe ends being polished with the welds showing 'burn' marks.
As you will be able to see most of the system once fitted I decided to rub down the whole system with 400 & 600 grit wet and dry before polishing with autosol and a buff.
What a sexy system this is. I must confess to being a little concerned about the final noise level but as with most things I'm sure time will tell. All that needs to be done now is to fit it.