Green Cotton Air Filter (1) 18/09/03

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For sometime now I've been trying to get a K&N high flow air filter as these never need to be replaced and also give you an few extra hp with quicker Turbo spin up. Its also the usual compliment to go with a high flow exhaust which I've already fitted. However due to copyright issues with the metal surround K&N stopped manufacturing these for the Lotus and as such are like gold dust. Fortunately PNM engineering have sourced an alternative from a French company 'Green Cotton'. These filters are almost identical the to K&N's but have a built in rubber surround. As these are not specifically designed for the Lotus you do need to do a bit of tweaking to get them to fit.

The new filter as recieved from PNM.
To remove the old filter all you need to do is undo the two bolts (shown in Yellow) with a 10mm ratchet. The box can then be tilted and the filter removed.
The reason for the blue markers will be reviled later.
The standard Lotus filter removed.
In order to get the Green filter to fit you need to remove these locating nodules and trim off the corners. These can be done with a Stanley knife.

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