Chargecooler 12/09/03

I've been looking at the posibility of installing a Chargecooler to my car. This will cool the inlet gas from the Turboproviding less engine ware and allow greater boost without pre ignition or melting pistons. They were fitted to 4 cylinder Esprits from the SE. I now have an unpainted Lotus Chargecooler (From South West Lotus Center) and an adapter to connect it to the plenum. All thats now needed is a header and expansion tank for the water, a pump and some rad to cool the liquid. My ideas are to either use the current pipework and AirCon rad (doing away with the AirCon) or plumb in a new rad. The new rad(s) could either be placed at the rear but have questions on air flow orat the front by modifying the Fogs as an SE. If you do this mod to increase the boost presure remember to also increase the fuel jets to maintain the correct air/fuel mixture.

This cooler was not painted or had the 'Lotus' embos but is a new Lotus part at around 1/4 the cost. Even half that of a second hand standard unit.
The welds could be better but I will grind them off before painting.
A view inside to see the fins of the cooling rad.