Boot drainage repair and mod 27/04/03

At some point in that past the drivers side boot drainage had broken and had been glued into place. I decided to repair this side and modify the near side so they both matched.

Here you can see the near side drainage pipe. I guess it had leaked in the past as its surrounded by a red sealant. Although this may have stopped the leak it resulted poor drainage because of the lip.
The drivers side. This had already been cut down and glued into place. Again this had a red sealant around the edge and in the old rivet holes. I suspect this is the reason for the rusty valance plate. I had already removed the sealant before this image.
I have drilled out the rivets and found that it had been removed in the past as another set of rivet holes were evident. The 'flare' of the trumpet was then cut off and the lower portion super glued in position and taped for about an hour.
After sanding with some 80 grit, the holes and surround were filled with car body filler. This was again sanded with 80 grit and refilled where necessary. The whole area was then flatted with 600 grit Wet and Dry. Its now ready for primer and paint.
Same treatment as above. A vast improvement I'm sure you'll agree.