Door Repair (1) 24/06/03

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As it was a sunny afternoon I decided to flat out a few little lumps that were on the drivers door glass surround. This turned out to be a job I should have started in the morning and not at 5:45. Oh well experience, Labour of love and all that. After I had flatted it down I could see a few very small rust holes about the size of a pin head.

I decided to remove as much rust as possible and within a short space of time the full extent of the problem could be seen. Hard to believe that these marks could barely been seen under the paint before.
Also had a similar situation above the 1/4 glass and on the inside.
I removed the inner rubber glass runner to see the extent of the damage from the inside. I suspect that this was caused by a poor seal from this area resulting in rust from the inside out. The usual wire brush on the drill was used to take it back to clean shiny metal and treated with genolite.
After the genolite had dried I refitted the inner rubber with sealant to prevent water penetration in the future. The outside edge of the holes was slightly bent inwards to allow for bridging compound and blending. Here you can see just after this has been applied. Looks better already.
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