What colour to change the car? 27/04/03

I've had a change of plan and decided to go for a flip coat (Colour changeing). See here for an example.
Generally I think Metalic purple along the lines of a Lambo but more to the Blue side. The other option is a copper/gold which is good and becomming the 'new silver' but is not so 'In your Face'.

Looks goods

..But in light looks a bit girlie.

Its amazing how difficult this can be so I decided to generate some approximations to help. For this I uses an image from www.lotusespritworld.com of Mike Stringer' s Azur blue Loti. This is becuase tweeking the settings on my flat (non metalic) car just didnt give the right results. Also the blue has a better balance and made HUE changes easier. In addition it also has the newer wheels which I'll be looking at getting at a later stage (cost of paint job permitting!).

Orig. Nice but would not be unique.
Kingfisher Blue. This is nice but no one seems to like it.
Probably too Green.
Deep Copper, Second choice!!. Just need to be carefull it does not look toooo brown.
Peugeot Metalic gold (B69 Sahara Gold, Dupont HY6) has been suggested.
Would probably clash with tan interior.
Deep Purple, Top choice so far.
Lotus do do a deep purple but its very dark to the point of looking black which does not go down well with the other half.
My case and point, Too Pink.
Red, again ok but not unique. I also find that metalic reds are not red enough. The only way to get a real red is to do silver with a red candy lacquer. I also believe that these fade easily.