Rear Bumper Removal 28/05/03

This has assumed that you have already removed the rear valance and light clusters.
To get to the near side nuts the Expansion tank had to be removed and small slits cut in the carpet. You can just make out the spanner on the right hand nut in this image.
The leading edge of the bumper is held in place with a self tapping screw within the wheel arch. Off side shown here.
Again to get to the nuts the carpet had to be cut. I was not worried about this as it could be stuck down later. Shown here are the center nuts (effectively in the boot behind the number plate).
The outer nuts could be easily undone with a rachet once the lights had been removed. For this reason I decided to undo these nuts last starting with the near side so the bumper could rest on the exhaust and take the weight.
The bumper finaly released. Now I could get back to fitting the new light panel.