Front brakes mod (1) 12/04/04

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Despite the Esprit having the looks and performance of a super car one area it falls short is in its braking. As stock early Turbos only have single pot callipers which although do stop the car are not even up to the level of a modern family saloon. I have decided to go for 4 pot HiSpec callipers and larger 285mm vented discs (Supplier by PNM). Hopefully this should bring the stopping abilities back up to super car spec, Reduce fade for trak use but of course increase the likelyhood of locking the wheels (another area the learn conquer).

First inspection of the parts were positive. I decided to go for the gold as I felt it would match my green/gold car better. As I'm also looking at reducing unsprung weight I decided to weight the parts for comparision. To my surprise I found the new discs were 6Kg each which is more than I expected.
Old disc and single pot calliper. Sorry for the surface rust I hadnt taken her out for a few weeks and its done almost nothing but rain.
I decided it would be easier to undo the mounting bolts if I removed the piston part and the old pads. To do this you undo this bolt.
With the bolt losened the piston can be pushed up and removed. Incidentally this is how you would replace the brake pads if you were to keep the old setup.
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