Media Gallery 28/02/04

The Video Files on this page use DIVX. Please ensure you have the Divx codec (at least 5.05) installed. This version for Windows can be obtained from here (3.9Mb). For info, other OS's and versions please see

3 minute Hoon Video from the Clacton Hoon.
Clacton Hoon 01/02/04 320x240-med mpg 15Mb

Better quality audio samples. This time with a fixed recorder on a sunny day while pulling out od a junction. You can here a car pass, Myself pull out and overtake it. Notice the Suction from the air filter and the waste gate 'flutter' on gear change.
LotusDrive4 - 16bit Mono (64MP3) 140Kb

Showing the New Paint effect .

NewPaint1 128x96-128bps Divx 568Kb
NewPaint1 256x192-256bps Divx 1.1Mb

Driving in the wet with the window open and the CamCorder sliding around the passenger seat.
LotusDrive1 - 16bit Stereo (128MP3) 777Kb
LotusDrive2 - 16bit Stereo (128MP3) 497Kb

Cold start after Sports exhaust fitted. Sound like its needs some new fuel.
Cold Start - 8bit Mono WAV 36Kb
Cold Rev - 8bit Mono WAV 24Kb