Events : Stoneleigh Parts Fare 03 01/01/04

The Stoneleigh Parts fare actually took place on the 16th of November. Using the Yahoo group we arranged to meet and arrive on mass. For myself this involved meeting the usual crowed at Newport Pagnell services before moving on to the Porridge Pot just outside stonleigh. The trip was a blast as always followed by the usual tyre kicking and a browse around the fare.

The trip however was not without its problems, as least for myself. Just after NP I suffered a loss of boost (Max 0.2 bar) and about 5 minutes from the Porridge Pot the car would increase its revs when the clutch was pressed. After investigation at the Porridge Pot I found my throttle adjuster had snapped and was given a temp fix with some insulation tape. This did not solve the problem and lead to a very interesting drive home afterwards. Especially during the traffic on the M1 where I had to leave a gap so I could pull away without hitting someone. This lead other drivers to sneak in, but they soon moved back out the way after I shot up behind them a couple of times (Must hav looked a right plonker).

I've still not been able to source the correct adjuster tube but found that in the end my problem was actually a small split in one of the management vacum hose's along with another that colapsed with heat from the engine. The boost was a stuck waste gate.