Events : LEW/Yahoo Oxford Run 05/10/03

Kato, Dermot and Rob E from Lotus Esprit World (LEW) and the UK Yahoo Group organised the second Annual group meeting at Stanton just outside Oxford. I'd arranged to meet the usual mob at St Mimms services on route for a 9am departure. I was running a little late but otherwise all was well. Unfortunately Robin had spun his car on a round about and hit the barrier. He was not injured but very shaken leaving his car by all accounts in a bit of a mess but repairable. It was decided that Adam would go to see him while the rest of us continue. We were supposed to meet a second group just off junction 2 of the M40 but due to the recent event and John's navigational skills (Sorry john had to say it) we arrived approx 10 minutes after they left. This should have given us warnings but instead we followed John to the Pub at Stanton as he had been before. Some more Ue's and irate locals later (while we stopped a various spots to decided which way to go) we finally arrived. Most of the group were already on site. After a general chat and tyre kicking we were supplied with a route plan and set off on our run. Just as we left Adam arrived. The route featured some good Esprit friendly roads which were taken at a steady low speed (honest officer :hehe). However Adam's day was about to get worse as no more than 20 minutes in to the run he called me with a rear tyre blow out. Probably a result of the gentle return journey from Alton Towers two weeks earlier. He fitted his space saver and limped back to the pub. We had a couple of stops on the way to regroup before returning for a bit more tyre kicking (especially Adams new 'Wide' wheel) and a good English pub lunch (steak and ale pie myself).
St Nimms Services on route Stanton Pub car park Stanton Pub car park Stanton Pub car park Just about to leave for a gentle run. Just about to leave for a gentle run. First Stop. First Stop. First Stop. First Stop. Traffic light possed a photo. Second regroup stop. Second regroup stop. Back at the pub before lunch.