Events : London to Brighton 2k3 05/08/03

A London to Brighton Run organised by SELOC. Set off around 6:20am to meet fellow SELOC members at Thurrock Services before setting of to Crystal Palace. Photo shoot stickers and route direction were given out before setting off around 11. 160 cars were on the run so we didnít get on the road for nearer 12. Getting out of London was a bit of a pain with the hot weather and traffic causing the usual gear change issues. We lost the cars in front at various lights so it was a good job I had Martin as co-driver for directions. However once on the open road it was not the slow precession I envisaged but more a selection of sprints. We eventually meet up with a group of Elise's and thatís when the fun really started as they knew the route. What followed was the reason we all have a Lotus with the blur of some beautiful countryside flashing by. Reserved secure parking was provided on Madeira drive on arrival. In all a very good day.