Events : Clacton and Essex Hoon 03/02/04

During the last week of Jan 04 myself and a few fellow Esprit owners arranged to have a small Hoon on that Sunday (1st). The plan was that Nicholas (V8 GT), Robin, Andy (89NA), Adam(S4s), Tony (GT3) and Mark (86T) would meet at the Thurrock services then come and get me. We would then go on a local run before heading off to Yarmouth picking up Neil (88T) on route. Grab some lunch then work a round trip down to Southend. I was going to sit pax and not use my car due to the petrol tank which would also give me a chance to get some cam footage of the day.

Adam pulled out as he got lucky Saturday night but the others arrived to me around 11. After the usual tyre kicking and me setting up the cam in Andy's car we set off. Or at least tried to as Nic's car failed to disable its immobiliser. After spending some time trying to resolve this we decided to leave his car and take mine for the local run and return to it later. Tony had to shot off by this time and by all accounts made good time in getting home ;). The run itself was good fun with me leading around some of the Esprit friendly back roads doing what the car does best. I left the cam setup in Andy's car but didnt start it until after the first stop. We did miss some good synchronised overtaking but didnt worry as the best was yet to come. Then for some then unknown reason the capture stopped after 24 minutes, Just before the real fun began. Shame as according to Andy I had several moments with blue flames on over run which I have never seen from my car. The local run ended and we returned to try Nic's car but again no luck. Due to the problems Nigel decided to come to us as it was now unlikely we would make it to him. With time ticking by and with only an hour or so left of daylight we decided to get food at a local brewers fair before finally calling it a night.

Clacton Hoon Video (15Mb mpg)

Images from other Hooners.

Tuesday night Nicholas arranged for a flatbed to pick his car up. Oh the shame of it but at least I had two Loti on the drive for a few days :D.