Events : Yahoo group at Alton Towers 23/09/03

From discussions on the Yahoo Group Forum, Robin 'Evil Fish' organised a day at Alton Towers (20/09/03). It was arranged that we should meet at Newport Pagnal Services at 6 for a 6:30 departure. This meant a early start for myself (4am) so I could pick up my sister and meet up with Paul and Jenny (89 Blue NA) on route. We arrived at N.P. around 6:15 and after a quick chat and coffee while the others arrived we left for A.T. The journey up was interesting as usual and we soon arrived at the main gates for priority parking. This meant we were parked right outside the entrance, did not need to get the monorail or park with the door banging public (we managed that well enough ourselves). As with usual 'family' gatherings the youngster (Elise S2) was running around in circles making a racket until it lost grip much the enjoyment of its 'ethical' elders. Another funny point was the monorail drivers were slowing down so its passengers could get a good look at our cars before it dropped them off at the gates. The usual chat was had with pictures before entering the park.

Alton Towers itself went something like, Oblivion, Black hole, Hex, Food, wall climb, Cork Screw, Air, log flume, Food, Nemesis, Duel, Oblivion, Black hole, coffee, Leave (5:30). However in Jenny’s (Alex) case insert food between each option. How see can eat what she does and keep her shape she is simply unknown. I'm sure most women would pay good money to know the secret.

The journey home really was something to remember. Especially when at one point we had four Esprits (2 by 2) at traffic lights to an open dual carriageway with a bunch of about nine kids on bikes admiring the view. As soon as the lights changed everyone floored it. Unfortunately Alex (Aqua SE) and John (Red S4) suffered the Lotus gearbox challenge and crunched a gear or two. Even so the sight and sound of a block of four Esprits doing a 0-??? mph will be with me forever. Down the M1 Adam and Robin (Green S4s) took a fancy to some Totti in a red Escort convertible and pulled off with them to a service station. The rest of us carried on but did meet them again at N.P. services before going our separate ways.

In all a excellent day and a special thanks to Robin and Adam for giving him a lift as his own 86 Turbo was not ready.
6:15 at Newport Pagnal Services 6:15 at Newport Pagnal Services On our way Arrived at Alton Towers Race spec GT gained a lot of interest GT Notice the carbon and lightened doors All here and about the enter the park The first yahoo pose take the plunge, Alex, Jenny, Jenny, Paul, Myself and my sister. Just like an Esprit with the window open! Alex and Jenny in his Aqua SE Adam with Robin hitching a lift Adam and Robin - BRG S4s Alex - Aqua SE Alex? - Silver S350 John and his son - Red S4. Jenny getting another snack! No prize for guessing this one Fueled up and ready to go Group car shot