Events : Yahoo group at Alton Towers II 12/09/04

Yet again Robin 'Evil Fish' organised a day at Alton Towers which looks like to becoming an annual event :D (Click here to see last years AT meet). As before if was a 6:30 departure from Newport Pagnal Services. I'm really not keen on these 4am'ish starts and doubt my neighbours are either (Haha ha). Anyway D and myself arrived a little late so it was a quick loo stop and off. The drive up was actually rather sedate this time around with a little bit playing and swapping places down the M1. Several Esprits snaking an weaving down the road is a sight to be seen unless you are a member of traffic enforcement.

We arrived at Alton Towers with plenty of time to spare. Alex and Robin then pulled a surprise out of the hat in the form of Bday cakes and cards for Jenny and myself. Then after some chat, checking out Jonathans Carputer and waiting for other non Southerns to arrive we were soon in the park and on our way. The order this time was Air, Nemesis, Breakfast (I use that term loosely - McD's), Duel, Run away train, Rapids, Spinball puke machine, Virtual Strike, Hex, Food, Cork Screw, Wall Climb, Alex Dance Machine, Shoot hoops, Oblivion, Black hole, Oblivion, more Alex Dance Machine, Boats (:D) and finally group photo.

Yet again a special thanks to Robin.