Astro Image Gallery 31/08/03

I've always been interested in the stars and decided to get Meade ETx-125 telescope in Feb 03. Later I descovered that people were using webcams to capture images. Here's a quick list of my attempts so far.

Again this was another good night with very little cloud and turbulance. Decided to experiment with the Olympus on manual ISO and exposure settings. I found the results very surprising. Star chart included.

Mars is the big deal at the moment with it being the closest to earth for 60,000 years all be it now starting to move away. The second image is a simulation created from for comparison.Conditions were excelent and by far the best to date. Very little cloud and turbulance, could even see the milky way with the naked eye from my back garden. The Star Trials were taken with an Olympus c4040 with 13 images stacked each. I was impressed that it actually got M31. Wish now I'd pointed the scope at it.

First Clear night with Mars in view.

First attempt at the Moon. Really need to do multiple captures and create a composite image for a high res version.

Saturn and Jupiter. The Jupiter+Moons is a composite to show the cloud bands. Again images used for comparison.